Anti-Aging Aesthetic Services

Now that you are feeling the best you possibly can with bioidentical hormone therapy, let the friendly and skilled staff at Dr. Bartels’ office help you look your best also!

Our mission is to partner with you in achieving the very best in skin care and cutting edge treatments. We here to educate and renew your body, face and spirit! We offer everything from the latest oxygen infusing facials sought after in Hollywood to laser treatments that can transform skin in a multitude of areas. In addition, we also offer laser hair removal, dermaplaning, cutting edge peels and the award winning Jan Marini professional skin care line.

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Botox and other non surgical face lift techniques have become more popular than ever before, as no longer is surgical intervention the only way for women to have a smooth, more youthful look to their skin. Doctors offer patients seeking to turn back the hands of time several non surgical techniques that are proven to be safe as well as have the ability to produce very dramatic results. Many women wanting to spend less money and less time having cosmetic surgery opt for doctors offering safe no surgical alternatives to traditional face lifts.

Juvederm / Radiesse/ Restylane Fillers

For women seeking lip enhancement, Juvederm is a form of injectable gel that allows doctors to give their patients fuller lips and fewer wrinkles around the mouth. Results are immediately able to be noticed and may last up to six months or more. RADIESSE is used to add back volume to the skin and can be used to provide lip augmentation. Results can be very remarkable with treatments lasting months.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a long lasting and effective way to safely eliminate unwanted facial or body hair. Laser hair removal works by directing energy pulses via the use of a laser, at the melanin, which is the dark pigment inside the hair follicles, effectively destroying the hair without damaging the skin.

Photofacial (IPL)

Rid yourself of wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots, broken capillaries, large pores, acne, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea. Also regenerates collagen for stronger, younger skin!


Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion

Intensely hydrate, plump lines, and infuse your skin with oxygenated serum-the premier facial sought after by celebrities. Available for acne and hormonal breakouts too!


Dermaplaning is a completely pain free way to have skin as smooth as glass and totally hair free! This treatment gives you fresh, glowing skin that feels unbelievably smooth!Perfect before a big evening out, your skin will look absolutely radiant. After a deep cleanse the top layer of dead skin cells are removed along with the “peach-fuzz”, then a micro-peel is applied, the pores are sealed and a customized facial follows!

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